GeekConf Singapore 2019

Implementing Open Source-Based Motion Controlled Robotic Arms with Python and C: This talk demonstrates how one is able to start their own projects within mechatronics, particularly in being able to use and control open source robotic arms to move along with the motion of their hand. Programs are written in C and Python and the motion is taken from the Leap Motion Sensor.

Pycon Malaysia 2019

The Rise of the Motion Controlled Robotic Arms: This talk will aim to show a fascinating side to programming with the complement of hardware on the side; this in particular using industrial-grade robotic arms. Through programming the receiving end of the leap motion technology in Python, I will demonstrate how one will be able to receive the coordinates, transport the data to be stored in the cloud, and eventually put the coordinates out for use in the robotic arms themselves and how the arms will interpret the movement to best be followed. 

JoomlaDay Australia 2019

Going Serverless with Joomla on Amazon Web Services: The sequel to my talk in JoomlaDay Australia 2017! Often times, to simplify deployment, reduce complexity, and work with agile development, we would want our website to be deployed serverless. This session will outline the benefits of going serverless with Joomla and how one can use Amazon Web Services’ serverless features, particularly linked to using EC2 and Docker services offered with that, to go deploy your Joomla website serverless.


A Look into Accessible Integration with IoT Technology: We have seen our usage of more and more technology around us integrate with the Internet of Things concept. The web is no different; IoT is changing how we are able to deploy various resources on the web and have opened up many new considerations as to how we can make these changes accessible to a wide audience.This talk will outline the said changes as well as the considerations and how we can adapt our web services and technology to better make IoT more accessible for a wider audience.

MonkeyFest 2017 – Global Xamarin Summit

Developing IoT Within the Xamarin and Azure Environment: Taking place in the office of Microsoft Singapore, I talk about how to develop Xamarin Apps that are linked to Azure to receive data from it that are transmitted by a device. This talk is geared towards encouraging cross-platform mobile development for developers of IoT-based software and hardware and looks into a future that can be beneficial for them with these apps.

2nd Business Men and Women of Color Podcast

How IoT is Changing the Landscape of Information Technology: With the rapid growth of the internet of things, it is no surprise that it will slowly envelop more and more businesses and will affect the way technology firms innovate. In this podcast, I discuss how this is so and what to look towards the future for for the businesses who are starting to look towards innovating more with it.

JoomlaDay Australia 2017

The Integration of Joomla with the Internet of Things Concept: The Internet of Things (IoT) concept is becoming a booming topic as of recent. We have seen many different platforms implement this concept, and Joomla is no exception. In this talk, I discuss the trends of IoT within Joomla and show a practical example of how this is particularly applied with a raspberry pi.

Global Mobile App Summit and Awards (GMASA) 2017 Indonesia

Creating Innovation via Apps: This is a panel discussion to talk about how every of the panellists in their fields are creating innovation through their apps for their users.

Closing Keynote at Harvard Model Congress Asia 2017

I was selected and invited at the end of Harvard Model Congress Asia 2017 to give the closing speech to conclude the conference for the 600+ delegates that attended the closing ceremony. Here, I talked about the highlights and what to look forward to towards the future of Harvard Model Congress Asia.