Background and Introduction

According to common facts, ppm CO2 concentration can build up in the average car after being driven for two hours (2000 ppm is the normal limit). CO concentration above 800 ppm can cause death within 2-3 hours. Particle pollution (PM) exposure can lead to a variety of health issues, according to scientific study. 6.5 million deaths are linked to air pollution according to June 27, 2016 IEA reports. All these happenings demand a feasible solution to be able to stop such atrocities from continuing.

Introducing the GReS Envimo

The GReS Envimo is a device made specifically to respond to the problems mentioned above. With the device, anyone can now simply just measure the data and be aware of the conditions that are presented in an environment. Not only is it inexpensive as a solution, but it is also portable. The Envimo wants to introduce a revolutionary way in being able to monitor many environments as well by just placing the devices in strategic locations and, using the internet of things (IOT) concept, monitor the data from anywhere. This is done from the Thingspeak website, a website for devices that implement the IOT concept.


Components Used


To enable reading pollutant gases and some Environment variables, GReS Envimo is equipped with 4 sensors.

  1. CO2 Gas Sensor: Winsen MH-Z19.
    Communication interface used : I2C. Sensor output : CO2 concentration.
  2. CO Gas Sensor: Figaro TGS5042.
    Communication Interface : Analog. Sensor output : CO concentration.
  3. Particulate Matter Sensor: Plantower PMS7003.
    Communication interface : Serial. Sensor outputs : PM 1.0, PM 2.5 and PM 10 concentration.
  4. Temperature, Pressure, and Humidity Sensor: Bosch Sensortec BME280.
    Communication interface : Digital. Sensor outputs: Temperature, Humidity and Pressure.


To enable directly see the sensor reading result, GReS Envimo is equipped with low power consumption white color 1.3 inch OLED Display. The display is connected to the microcontroller through I2C communication.


WEMOS D1 MINI (ESP-8266 based) is used as the microcontroller for the device

Conclusion and Evaluation

From its simple implementation, the GReS Envimo has proven to be a success that can be used in any community. Since the data that is gathered by the Envimo is valid and reasonable data, the device is a success. Some future improvements that will be made to the device including making an application of its own for the IOS and other mobile phone operating systems as well as to decrease the size of the device as a general. Despite the device’s already portable size, I believe that the device can still be decreased up to three, which would make it even easier for the general audience to bring it around, helping them put it in more strategic locations. They can then simply enjoy the results from there.

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