Internet of Things Club Founder and President

The Internet of Things (IoT) club is a club with the main aim of promoting the concept of the Internet of Things through hosting workshops where interested individuals can learn how to build devices or program software related to IoT and events where individuals can discuss more about their fields of interest in IoT and also learn more about the concept. I lead a total of 23 committee members and over 400 members during my term.

President of Harvard Summer School Debate Club 2016

During my time in taking a course to develop my professional skills, I took time to also reboot the debate club there for the term. The Harvard Summer School Debate Club is – as its name suggests – a club for students of Harvard Summer School to practice debating. I taught members different formats of debating, including Asian Parliament and British Parliament styles of debates and held mock debates to get members used to the taught styles.

President of Toastmasters Achievers Club Jakarta 2016 – 2017

Toastmasters International is a non-profit organisation that operates clubs worldwide for promoting communication and public speaking skills. As a person who has enjoyed and developed public speaking skills in Toastmasters, I endeavour to help members have the same experience within the club and encourage people in the local community to also engage within Toastmasters. One of the projects I was involved in in particular during my period was a project to get more high schools involved in Toastmasters and perhaps start a club of their own as well in their schools.