I have done many electronics projects and programming since I was 14 years old. After a while, it has become a passion of mine to be able to invent new innovative solutions to solve the issues of today. On the hardware side, I had some experiences in playing with Arduino boards & compatibles, modules (shields), sensors, inputs and outputs (displays), Raspberry Pi (2 & 3), 3D Printers (FDM & DLP), and Robotic Arms & Car. On the programming software side, I am able to use Arduino IDE, Python, C++, Java, and Javascript. I also am proficient in using cloud-based to deliver enterprise solutions following best practices such as those in AWS and Azure.

It was the very observation of what is happening in today’s time and all the problems that are happening to lead me to form GReS Studio. I firmly believes that with GReS Studio, I will be able to bring more of my talents into use for the world and help further the awareness of certain issues as well as obtain the right solutions to solve these issues. Full information of GReS Studio can be found at the official website below.