I also usually go around several meetups as a speaker or simply to check out what everyone else is doing. I also host a couple of my own meetups.

Meetups I usually check out or speak at

With my skills and interest in various business and developing programming languages’ communities, I often go to some communities’ meetups. Some of these include Python Meetups in cities that I visit (so far I’ve frequented Melbourne and Indonesia’s), Joomla Meetups, Ruby Meetups, Entrepreneur meetups, and more.

Meetups I organize

I organise a few meetups in Melbourne and In Jakarta. In Jakarta, I am the organiser of the Jakarta New Technology Meetup and in Melbourne, I am the organiser for the Melbourne New Technology Meetup and the HackerNest Tech Socials. The New Technology Meetups are aimed to build a community that are passionate about new technology and to discuss more in depth regarding the latest trends in them and HackerNest tech socials are aimed towards bringing together tech enthusiasts to talk about different aspects of their fields and to get the local tech community to get to know one another.