Track Running

Yes, I’m a pretty big fan of track running as well. I believe its good to also get a good, long run to test your endurance once in a while. My two best accomplishments from track running are:

– Placing 1st in the Harvard Summer School 2017 2.5 K Run

– Placing in top 60 out of more than 800 runners in 5K run in Pocari Sweat Jakarta Run 2016

I also keep a constant routine of practising track running in my free time to always be ready to compete in these kinds of free run events.

Musician for Choir, Flute, Piano and Oboe

Another hobby of mine is to be able to play instruments in my free time. Since the age of 7, I have already loved to play the piano. This expanded to the flute and oboe when I got to the age of 14 and ever since, I have been playing for fun.

I have also composed some original pieces I have put online as well that are inspired by orchestral instruments.

On some occasions, I participate in some orchestras, choirs and bands. Two of the more notable ones is the Harvard Summer School Band and the Harvard Summer School Choir.

Volunteer Online Student Counsellor at 7 Cups

Mental health is a big issue in our society, and one of the issues that I am particularly concerned about. From time to time, I go on at 7 Cups to listen to worries and concerns that students have and do my best to help them feel better about their situation and help them to find an opening to get through the problems that they are facing.

I personally believe that even one person’s contribution can mean a lot to every one of these students who are just waiting for someone to listen to their story, and if I can help make that difference, then I will.

This is something I would encourage everyone to do as well: if you see someone in need, then just lend an ear and hear them out. Some may not realise it but to them this would be a very invaluable service that you would be doing for them in their time of need.