GReS Studio was founded to be able to solve certain issues on today’s society. The current issue that started this startup was of environmental problems, in which the problem of air pollution was brought into light. Many people are still not aware of today’s issues, which is why the startup believe that something has to be done about that. The innovation invented to help this is able to bring both citizens and the government alike to help fight the fight of air pollution, as we can be aware of the areas that we need to tackle and the areas that are already acceptable. We emphasise the need of being able to operate well as a whole to continue providing the needed solutions while being flexible of any challenges that today’s society might present in being able to solve such mentioned problems.

To reflect the above issue, the first product of GReS Studio is GReS Envimo, an Environment Monitoring Device to monitor Pollutant gases in the air. Visit the link below to read more in detail about the GReS Envimo and to see its data collection in action online!