This project aimed to give a taste of what IoT would be like within the Python and Arduino environment. With a DHT22 (Temperature and Humidity sensor) and an ESP32 module in hand, the plan is to demonstrate how to build a functional, connected system that can transport data back and forth from the ESP32 and the cloud. In this instance, the cloud platform I use is Amazon Web Services, using its DynamoDB and IoT services.

The first step is to create the process of reading the data from the DHT22 manually by the ESP32 module. We can make use of the DHT22 library provided to us by Adafruit at Making sure we have the correct I/Os and intervals coded in, we can proceed to the next step, which is connecting it to the cloud.

In connecting the device to the cloud, we will need to create a new IoT microservice instance. This will involve sharing an API key to the device and will hence allow the device to communicate with the microservice instance after authentication. If the device is successfully authenticated with the instance, the user will be able to monitor the results through the graphs that are on AWS.

With its simple but substantially meaningful nature in terms of IoT knowledge, this project is a must try for everyone striving to explore more about the IoT and cloud domain. We will certainly be seeing more of these applications for IoT towards the future.