The University of Melbourne Subject Website is a website I created from scratch to allow students to be able to review subjects while also being able to facilitate communications between instructors/tutors and students by allowing them to add updates to the subject syllabus on the website or answer questions. I maintain communications with the head of academics of the Computing and Information Systems department and implement suggested features. The project now is en-route to being used throughout the entirety of the University.

Technologies used in this project include doing SEO, coding in PHP, JavaScript (the languages the website is mainly based on), HTML, CSS, XML and MySQL and marketing tools and strategies for getting the website widespread. This also includes working with website development frameworks such as Bootstrap and jQuery in order to create the modern, dynamic feel needed for the website.

Now, the subject review website is composed of a team whose aim is to maintain the website and develop new features in order to enhance students’ experiences in their university life by making feedback available to them through the website.